Exhibition Catalogue

During the period 23rd December 1998 and 28th February 1999 the Cotroceni National Museum is holding an exhibition entitled "Historicism and Royalty" The exhibition is organised in colaboration with the Peles Museum in Sinaia with the aim of showing the relationship between historicism and two membres of the Romanian Royal family, King Carol I (1886-1914) and Queen Marie (1914-1938).

Exhibited are pieces of art made from silver, ceramics and glass, selected for their artistic value made by renamed manufactures and craftsmen from Germany, Austria, Britain, France, Italy, Russia and Rumania. There are also exhibits signed by Gustav and Ernest Klimt, Frantz Matsch, Francisc Beda, Adolf Friedlander, Amedeo Preziosi among others. Queen Marie is presented in her usual Romantic and misterious way, exotic celto- byzantine, a stile with which she tried to compensate for the heavy germanic style so favoured by King Carol I.

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