Metropolitan Museum Iaşi

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Metropolitan Museum Iaşi
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Religious Art

The Iaşi Metropolitan Museum is organized thematically in seven halls: 1. Sinaxar Hall The basic exhibition of this hall is dedicated to the iconography of the Synaxar of the Orthodox Church. It is a space prepared to host various cultural events. 2. Offering Hall The exhibition in this hall illustrates the theme of the ritual gift in four hypostases: – the red egg and the egg worked for the Holy Easter; – ritual bread; – gifts to the Holy Shrine; – the gift of work; 3. Hall of Founders The exhibition areas are the two side walls, with generous, continuous surfaces, which allow the organization in this space of temporary exhibitions made by various creators... from the Moldova area. 4. Ekklesia Hall In this space are exposed the objects used to commit the Mysteries and The Hierarchies of human life, from birth to burial. 5. Hall of the Way of the Cross It is a narrow passage way surrounding the foundation of the cathedral through the exterior, which makes it visible through the 30 niches of varying dimensions, in which various temporary exhibitions are organized until the installation of the basic exhibition, proposed to be lapidarium. 6. Hall of the Spiritual History of Moldova The hall has six wall windows, in which are presented landmarks from the more than six centuries since the official recognition of the Patriarchate of Constantinople of the Metropolitan of Moldova (1401). 7. Baptisteriu Hall The hall is organized around the pool where the Mystery of Saint Baptism for adults is performed, which also gives the name of the hall. The central vault, painted by master Grigore Popescu, rests on eight columns, with an opening at the top that coincides on the outside with the Fountain of Mihail of Hodocin. The space is decorated with 14 niches, absidioles, in which are displayed old garments of the metropolitans of Moldova.

Bulevardul Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt nr. 16
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By car (road code): Ştefan cel Mare and Saint Boulevard, No. 16
By means of public transport (bus, trolleybus, tram - line, station):
• Route 1: Copou – Podu Ros – Tatarasi – Copou, stations: Union Square, Philharmonic, Palace of Culture
• Route 3: Station – Tatarasi – Dancu, stations: Union Square, Philharmonic
• Route 6: Dacia – Station – Arcu – Târgu Cucu, stations: Union Square, Philharmonic
• Route 7: Canta – Tudor Vladimirescu – Base 3 - Tsutore, stations: Unirii Square, Philharmonic
• Route 8: Copou – Tudor Vladimirescu – Base 3, stations: Unirii Square, Philharmonic
• Route 9: Copou – Podu Ros - Technopolis, stations: Union Square, Philharmonic
• Route 13: Copou – Tatarasi – Podu Ros – Copou, stations: Union Square, Philharmonic, Palace of Culture
By train (line, station): Iaşi Station
Access to the museum is at the base of the stairs at the esplanade of the Metropolitan Cathedral (near the lower gate – opposite the "Dumitru Stăniloae" Library).
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Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 17:00;
Monday, Sunday closed ;
On religious holidays 12:00 - 18:00; apart from the program, the museum can only be visited by appointment.
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0374.704.762; 0726.746.228 - Pr. Cristian Muraru (Director Centrul de Conservare şi Restaurare a Patrimoniului de Artă Creştină „Resurrectio”), 0742.307.759 – Mihai-Alex Olteanu (Muzeograf), 0743914621 - Roxana Constantinescu (Ghid).
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Iaşi Archdiocese
Historic Monument Building: Clădire monument istoric
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Pr. Cristian Muraru (Director Centrul de Conservare şi Restaurare a Patrimoniului de Artă Creştină „Resurrectio”)
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Mihai-Alex Olteanu
O.M.C. nr. 3347/11.09.2023 Acreditare
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